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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> 4:31. we are tracking this breaking news on tuesday, december 12th. the shocking news that san francisco mayor ed lee has died. >> he was only 65 years old. we are covering this throughout the city this morning. we will begin with amy hollyfield live at the hospital, zuckerberg, where the mayor was pronounced dead early this morning. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. we are told that department heads who were here with him, family members, are all starting to leave or have left the hospital. we're told he was brought here at about 10:30 last night. he was talking while he was on his way here but that he passed away at 1:11. former mayor willie brown says he died of cardiac arrest. we do have a statement that his office did put out at about 2:30 this morning, this is from mayor
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ed lee's office saying it is with profound sadness and terrible brief that we confirm that edwin m. lee passed away. family, friends and colleagues were at his side. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife anita, his two daughters brianna and tania and his family. in accordance with the city charter board of supervisors president london breed became acting mayor of san francisco effective immediately. we also have video of mayor lee from just yesterday announcing that he was -- planned to expand a recycling program. he looked healthy, he looked vibrant. no sign of any ill health at all. when another city official was commenting how he just saw ed lee on saturday night at a sunday razor and that he also looked great. look at this video, our newsroom found, of me interviewing mayor ed lee. this was in 2014 at the giants
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parade. i now especially treasure this video. always a friendly mayor to the media, always smiling to everyone that he saw, happy to give us comments and very nice to help me out as i was trying to elbow my way through that crowded parade to get to him, to get to players, to get to other dignitaries. he took the time. did he love his giants. very proud of the team and proud to be in that parade. we're told london breed who now will be filling his shoes is preparing for her first official statements at a press conference they have scheduled for 10:00 this morning at city hall. as she sets the tone for a city that will be in mourning, but also takes charge and looks ahead and keeps the city moving along. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. the city just waking up shocked to this news, mayor ed lee drop tending on twitter and
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katie tang tweeting out holding on to happy memories, mr. mayor. >> as we mentioned board of supervisors president london breed is now the acting mayor. here is what we know about her. she is a native to san francisco, born and raised, she is a graduate of galileo high school, prior to her election to the board of supervisors she was the executive director of the african-american art and culture complex. she was elected to the board of supervisors in 2012 representing district 5 and that includes the areas of fill more, western edition, haids valley, ashbury, japan town, alamo square, coal valley and inner sunset. breed was elected president of the board in 2015. >> we will keep tracking that news. we want to let you know about what's happening today. 3,000 oakland city workers are expected to be back on the job after suspending their strike. a mediator has come in to break the stalemate between the unions and the city. that means city services will resume, facilities that were
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shut down because of the walkout will reopen. >> i think the mediator has helped the parties in terms of reframing the issues and becoming more mentally flexible. at the same time i think the last week with no services for the city is what helped change the city tone. >> we did reach some additional agreements regarding working conditions, the nature of the mediation is still confidential. >> it's not clear how long it will take the city to clear up the backlog that was created by the strike. mediation is supposed to resume next monday. the deadly police shooting in san francisco's bayview district. the department has released the name of the officer behind the shooting, he is christopher samayao. you're watching surveillance video of the chase that led up to the shooting. the suspect jumped out of the van and was running past the police car. a member of the jury in the criminal case for kate steinle's
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killing says justice was done. the juror wants to remain anonymo anonymous. he is talking two weeks after the jury acquitted josé ines garcia zarate of murder in steinle's shooting death. the juror says he did the right thing though he knows there are harsh critics of the judgment. >> don't judge me because you are not there with us. i saw things, i heard things that you did not. it is different the scenario. i think if i was not a juror on that trial i would probably think the same way. >> the juror says reaching a verdict with 11 others was easier than he thought. he says they followed the law and court instructions and says neither politics nor immigration status played any factor. >> there could be an arsonist on the loose in san jose. the highway patrol investigating nearly 20 fires over the weekend and into this morning on 680. katie marzullo has more on that. >> i see big fire. >> reporter: nelson lives off of north capital avenue in san jose. he was home saturday night when a fire erupted just beyond his
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backyard. >> we were standing right here where with the water hose. >> reporter: sergio santos lives next door. >> we're concerned because we have high trees and those high trees can spread and get on our rooftops. >> reporter: the san jose fire department says that ws one of 12 fires on saturday, another five or six broke out on sunday, there were two more fires monday morning, all along southbound highway 680 near the border of san jose and mill pita. some of the fires happened along homeless encampments but not all of them. >> i do care for them because they don't have no place to live, but this is the third fire. one of these days my surprise is going to be my house is on fire. >> reporter: in each case firefighters were able to put out the flames before they did any real damage but said it was still a very dangerous scenario. >> being in mid-december now it seems strange we are still in
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fire season, but with no rain the vegetation catches and goes quickly. >> reporter: the fires are being investigated by the chp. a spokesperson says it does appear the fires were set intentionally. no arrests have been made. in san jose, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> don't leave the house just quite yet. i was talking to sue she has a sig alert around concord. let's talk about what's going on back here in san francisco. it's kind of chilly in some places, 46 right now potrero hill and sunny side, glen park, castro, mission up towards the marina and the rest of us about 50 degrees this morning. 44 in richmond right now, 46 belmont, daly city 47, much cooler, cold air drainage into the south bay, 34 santa clara, freezing cold in pleasanton, walnut creek and petaluma at 32. fairfield at 33. we have 34 at american canyon. this is the way it looks on the bay bridge right now as we look
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from south beach out towards the east. taking a ferry, no advisories, a pretty nice day with more sunshine than yesterday. chilly this morning but dress this layers, it will be mild this afternoon with all of us in the mid to upper 60s and the roads, there is just a touch of fog up around santa rosa right now. let's take a look at my accuweather 12 hour planner for today. you can see about 34 to 47 by 7:00, by noon we are looking at 61 to 65, 4:00, 62 to 63 and about 48 to 52 at 7:00 so grab a coat. in the east bay 45 at 8:00 this morning, we are getting up around 64 at 2:00 and 4:00. we will be right near 60 at noon. a very nice stretch of weather there. back to 50 by 8:00. let me show you something. yeah, we have goose eggs all along our chances of rain the next seven days but there is a hint in the middle of next week rain may be on the way. we are going to go northbound 680, if there is a
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silver lining here that is, it is the reverse commute. north 680 near 242. pleasant hill, concord area, suv on its side, glass in the roadway, chp has just issued a sig alert which means it's going to be quite some time until they can get the department of transportation out there caltrans to clean up the mess and get that suv righted and out of lanes. the other good news is that the sensors are green, it's early enough that traffic is getting by in the northbound direction without any delay and in the southbound your commute direction without any delay as well. a little bit farther to the east we have a fog advisory for the antioch bridge out near the delta. heads up there and use extra caution through the area. we have a bart delay i will update in just a couple of minutes. we continue to follow the death of
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it is 4:43. we have breaking news. a sad morning for san francisco. mayor ed lee has passed away. the mayor's office releasing a statement saying that mayor lee died just after 1:00 a.m. at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. former san francisco mayor willie brown tells abc 7 news lee suffered cardiac arrest. he leaves behind his wife anita and his two daughters. we are going to continue our coverage now with abc 7 morning's jessica castro. >> she's live at san francisco city hall. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yes, just got to city hall only
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a few minutes ago and i want to show you around here it's still very quiet, still very early in the morning as we got the news that mayor ed lee passed away early in morning around 1:00 a.m. you can see right now there are very few people here at city hall, it only opens at 8:00 this morning, and flags are still -- there is no breeze in the air here in san francisco, they have not lowered those flags as we expect them to do later today to half-staff. so still very much getting going this morning. this is the place that mayor ed lee came to workday in and day out since 2011 as mayor here of san francisco. there are some workers here anticipating perhaps a bigger crowd as the morning gets going and perhaps as people wake up and start to hear of the news of mayor's lee passing that they will come out here to city hall and pay their respects, but right now things still very quiet this morning. we will keep our eyes on the movement here at city hall as people start to show up and pay
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their respects. reporting live from city hall, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 news. back to you. we do expect to hear from the board president london breed who is now acting mayor. she is scheduled to have a news conference later this morning. she was a district 5 supervisor so she was representing the fill more, western edition, hayes valley, japan town, alamo square and north of panhandle, also coal valley and the inner sunset neighborhoods. we are covering major local news this morning. for four decades antioch police searched for a 14-year-old's killer, the suspect is in custody this morning. lilian kim has more. >> we never gave up on bringing this case to a successful resolution. >> reporter: 37 years later a break in the case that had the entire bay area on edge. suzanne bomb ba deer was only 14 years old when she was kidnapped, raped and murdered. now antioch police say they have her killer in custody,
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63-year-old mitchell bacom, an antioch resident who knew the family. >> our thoughts and prayers are with suzanne's family and we hope this sofrs om level of comfort for them. >> reporter: police say it was 1980 when bacon kidnapped suzanne. they say he raped her before stabbing her in the chest. her bod was found noting in the san joaquin river east of the antioch bridge five days later. bacom had long been on the department's radar but investigators were only able to link him to the crime after several rounds of dna testing. >> justice may not have come as swiftly as we may have hoped or liked, but we will be -- continue to work diligently on this case and hopefully justic will come. >> reporter: bacom has a long and violent criminal history. investigators are now trying to determine if his dna can be linked to other unsolved cases. in antioch, lilian kim, abc 7
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news. bart says it is making its police force more visible following the new york city attack. riders may notice k-9s patrolling stations and special patrol teams. their mission is to find suspicious packages or people. some riders tell abc 7 they remain a bit skeptical, but bart police say its officers are out there. >> if you look around you don't really see a lot of police presence. >> unfortunately a lot of our ridership either is asleep, not paying attention so they might not see our officers, but our officers are out there actively patrolling. >> bart police are emphasizing to riders if they see something, say something. they add they have not received any sort of credible threat. cal fire is $60 million overbudget with six months left in the current fiscal year. of course, they used a lot of resources in the north bay and they are hard at work in southern california right now. fortunately the state has set aside $1.4 billion for emergency services in its rainy day fund. cal fire is confident it will
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have all the resources to continue operating through the fiscal year. it's 4:47. you still have time to sign up for a san francisco program to train women to negotiate for better pay. american women on average make 80% of what men make, it's worse for women of color. we spoke with katie tang on the abc 7 news at 4:00 yesterday. >> whether you are 2020 trained, 20,000 women in san francisco and empower them with the tools that they need to appropriately negotiate for themselves in a workplace, whether they are a new graduate from college seeking their first job or they have already been in the workplace and want to transition to a new job. >> the training is free for women who live or work in san francisco. we have a link to today's training at there will be more workshops to come. happening today, the san matteo county poured of supervisors is going to ask congress to do something to stop the development of killer robots. they're serious about this. killer robots which are actually drones operate with artificial
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intelligence and could carry powerful explosives. this video simulates what could happen if the drones become a reality. in a resolution supervisors will urge congress to restrict the development of the use of the killer robots. if adopted san matteo county would be the first in the u.s. to adopt such a resolution. without a retro fit a major earthquake could shut down the golden gate bridge for an extended period of time. there are plans for an extensive overhaul. the work would start in 2019, it would take five years, the price tag pegged at $660 million. if officials can't line up all the funding they need they say they will consider raising tolls to make up the difference. starting today san francisco international airport is offering free short term parking in the domestic and international parking garages. short term means that you stay there for less than 30 minutes. sfo will be offering an express drop off and pickup zone on the fifth floor of the domestic garage, it's their way of trying to reduce congestion for picking up and drofg off during the
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holidays, the offer runs through january 8th. san francisco's lefty owe dual bridge is closed for repairs. over the bridge on third street yesterday, we sped up this so you can see how the bridge was raised and locked into position. now, the work on this bridge is expected to take 18 months. the bridge will be closed during some of that time. this first closure lasts until january 26. we have a link to detour and parking information at that big construction project at the marin sonoma narrows border could be ready for use by next month. abc 7 was there at the 101 and san antonio road in petaluma last year when construction began. the project has reworked about two and a half miles of the freeway, replaced the san antonio creek bridge and eliminated cross traffic and driveways. the overall project has a price tag of $743 million which includes work on highway 17. lyft has a new perk for drivers, a college education.
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the san francisco based ride hailing company is partnering with guild education, benefits include discounted tuition, financial aid, coaches to select classes and online courses. good morning. we still have an offshore breeze, a northeast wind at 12 miles per hour blowing across the golden gate and that will bring you sunshine, a little haze and unusually warm temperatures this afternoon. the spare the air symbol, wood burning ban all 24 hours. today, clear, freezing in our hours again tonight and a pattern may shift next week for an oh so small chance of some wet weather. it's not a soaking by any means, but it's a chance. all right. everywhere else you can see our winds are calm to blowing offshore at 3 to 6 miles per hour. about 68 in half-moon bay, 76 in santa cruz, you were at 78 degrees yesterday. ukiah 71, san jose 70, the rest of us about 64 to 68 degrees.
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you can see some tullie fog in the central valley. it is going to be freezing cold. 31 ukiah, 32 santa rosa. we will hit the 33 to 34 park -- degree mark in the san ramone valley, 37 palo alto, morgan hill 35. 44 oakland, san matteo, to upper 40s along the coast and into san francisco. this is one model. okay. we have two medium range models. notice it shows a chance of some rain in the middle of the day wednesday. that's usually not a very conducive time for us to get some rain, but it's a chance. so we will keep an eye on t until then get used to these temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, a few neighborhoods in the 70s and no rain all the way through monday. let's see what sue is working on this morning. taking a look at slow traffic out of the central valley, up and over the altamonte pass. ace trains running on schedule.
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we still have the sig alert out there. the fire department is on scene, they've been sweeping out a lot of pane glass. it was an suv on its side, it's still out there, two lanes of traffic are blocked here and the good news i guess is that it is early, it is in the northbound direction which is the reverse commute. southbound is looking good, too, sensors are green, but this is going to be out there for a little bit longer until they get the tow truck on scene and get it cleared. we have a bart delay bay fair in the richmond daly city direction due to equipment problems, two minutes and from the millbrae station, pittsburg, bay point, sfo, 20 minutes there and ace trains running on schedule out of the central valley. we are following breaking news in san francisco but also in oakland after a late night fire in the oakland hills. >> it happened on snake road and abc 7 news reporter matt keller joining us live with this. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie.
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you can see a lot of firefighters are still here working on this fire and you can see some of the damage here. here is one of the homes that you can see the side of the house there is just charred, that window is broken out and if you look at the address right here next door to it, i'm going to have my photographer ian turn to his right, you can see the melted address sign there and just the charred stairs that are right in front of us as fire was burning down below here from snake road. scary moments overnight in the oakland hills especially with the wind, but good news, though, firefighters do have it under control. this was first reported around 11:30 last night. under construction home on snake road was on fire, embers from that fire spread, multiple homes in the area caught fire including some in the area of colton boulevard. in less than an hour that fire went to four alarms. tier got the fire under control at 2:50 this morning. five homes were damaged. montclair school was used as an evacuation center but we're told
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that no one is there at this hour. a big issue here is this retaining wall that is right off of snake road. you can see firefighters are looking down at it and there is a lot of erosion below and they were putting water on it and the fire damaging some of the wood ties that are attached to this retaining wall and bridge on snake road. that is an issue they would be worried about collapse here. they will have to take a closer look at this and make sure it is stable enough for vehicles to go over. you can still see some flames down below, hot spots here, so firefighters will be out here for a while. that wind is picking up, always dangerous here in the oakland hills, always a big concern with fire up here. we will follow this all morning long in the oakland hills. reporting live in the oakland hills, matt keller, abc 7 news. developing news now about that tennessee boy whose anti-bullying video went viral. there are a lot of questions this morning about what is going on with his family. 11-year-old keaton jones was seen crying in his mom's car and talking about bullies.
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the video got 20 million hits over the weekend. >> people that are different don't need to be criticized about it because it's not their fault. >> keaton got a lot of attention, including from local athletes, national athletes, movie stars, but now there's some trouble setting in. a go fund me page for keaton with $60,000 has been put on hold in order to verify that his mom is the beneficiary. another page supposedly started by his mom for keaton's christmas gifts has been shut down over fraud concerns. kimberly jones herself has come under fire for posting multiple images of confederate flags on her facebook account. they have since been deleted. jimmy kimmel made an emotional return to his abc talk show. he walked out with his son billy who underwent his second heart surgery last week. he choked up and spoke about the children's health insurance
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program or chip which has run out of federal funding. >> and -- daddy cries on tv, but billy doesn't. it's unbelievable. imagine getting that letter literally not knowing how you will be able to afford to save your child's life. this is not a hypothetical. about 2 million chip kids have serious chronic conditions. i don't know about you, i have had enough of this. i don't know what could be more disgusting than putting a tax cut that mostly goes to rich people ahead of the lives of children. >> the host told the audience that he and billy want them to call congress and tell their representatives to fund chip now. kimmel revealed in may in an emotional monologue that his son needed heart surgery a few days after he was born. we will be back with more on the passing of ed lee. we will be joined by carolyn we will be joined by carolyn tyler who has been if yyou need to stay downeaway from it. call 911. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe.
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and you smell gas, your first step is to get out, travel to a safe distance until you can't smell the gas anymore, and then call 911. the first responders will come out, and they'll make it safe for you and your community. ♪ san francisco mayor ed lee dying early this morning at zuckerberg general hospital at 65 years old. >> we are joined by abc 7 news anchor carolyn tyler who has been covering city hall for a number of years. carolyn, we will talk to you in just a moment. let's first see this video of mayor lee who was at an event just yesterday. he looks well, smiling, shaking hands, he spoke for a time and there was obviously no indication of what would happen


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